October 29th 2015: What is a Photoinitiator?

Photoinitiators are small molecules that are sensitive to light. Upon light absorption they undergo photochemical cleavage to produce reactive species (either free radicals or a Bronsted or Lewis acid) that will interact with the active components in formulations. Read More


October 23rd 2015: UV Curable Coating with Flame Retardancy.

 Plastic is a very common material utilized by many industries such as aerospace,electronics, automotive, sporting goods, toys, etc.. Sometimes, their final product requires a coating in order to provide protection to the part from external agents. Read More


October 19th 2015: Benefits of UV Technology

For a new technology to be successful in a well-established market, the benefits have to outgrow those of the traditional technology. Furthermore,it is often expected to have a competitive pricing along with exceptional performance. Read More

October 16th 2015: UV/Vis Light Curing Technology

The UV curing (or radiation cure) process describes the use of UV or visible light to trigger the formation of a solid polymer from a mixture containing monomers, oligomers, photoinitiators and additives. The final photopolymer can have a wide range of applications ranging from coatings,adhesives, inks to name a few. Read More

October 15th 2015: Color Change Concentrates as Cure Indicators

UV curable coatings and adhesives are becoming more popular due to the numerous benefits that UV technology has to offer. Although one of the advantages of UV technology is the fast cure process, if the coating or adhesive is completely clear, it is difficult to determine if the whole surface has been exposed to light and therefore cured. Read More


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