Photochemistry-UV light

Spectra Group Limited

In over 20 years of its existence Spectra Group Limited, Inc. has become a creative and inventive force in the field of Photochemistry, the UV/EB Radiation Cure Industry and Organic Synthetic Chemistry. As UV/Visible light technology enablers, Spectra Group has the expertise and the resources to research, develop and manufacture your custom photochemical products.


Mission Statement

Spectra Group Ltd., is a full services photochemical products company. Our goal is to be your photochemical sciences partner. Our mission is to think “outside the box” and provide a solution which tailor fits the challenge.

Business Interests

  • Research and manufacturing of formulated photocurable products
  • UV/visible light photopolymerization
  • Contract research & development – from product imagining and concept to reality
  • Unique line of UV/visible photoinitiators
  • Color change additives and related products
  • Organic synthetic chemistry

Resources & Capabilities

  • Full-time Ph.D. chemists on staff
  • Consistent batch formulating from research to pilot to full-scale manufacturing
  • Well equipped synthetic organic laboratory and analytical facilities
  • Various active patents and patent applications portfolio (US and World)
  • Member of RadTech, The Trade Association for UV/EBTechnology
  • Member of the National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)

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