Color-On-Demand Technology

Spectra Group specializes in COLOR CHANGE effects brought on by interaction of light with matter. At times, presence, formation or disappearance of color is a functional feature of the product. Spectra Group products are capable of providing both IRREVERSIBLE and REVERSIBLE color change and do it either in the form of an additive to a coating or an adhesive, or as a stand-alone printed sticker. Together this series of products is called Color-On-Demand Technology.



Our color-on-demand technology includes:

• Photoinduced COLOR CHANGE EFFECTS in coatings, inks, adhesives and plastics

• A number of products ranging from fully formulated/ready-to-apply coatings or inks to liquid additives/concentrates to stand-alone printed products

• Variety of colors and duality of change (both formation and disappearance)

• Additives (liquid concentrates) can be added to the variety of matrices


• Light induced color change can happen AFTER the product has taken its final shape or DURING the process

• Varying degree of color change PERMANENCY from completely IRREVERSIBLE to LONG PERIOD FADEOUT (weeks/days) to standard FAST-FORMING/FAST-REVERSING photochromics

• COLOR CHANGE response to various UV and visible light sources (including office and daylight fluorescent lamps), as well as sun exposure

• Product customization for specific applications

• Joint Research & Development Projects are possible and encouraged. Confidentiality ensured 

Some of the potential applications include:

o Application verification

o Exposure/Cure verification

o Packaging effects, customization

o Promotion and advertising

o Security

o Game pieces

o Demonstrations, science kits

o Screen printing

o UV/Visible light/Electron Beam/gamma-ray dose measurement

Download a complete SPECTRACOLOR Catalog (PDF format) for more information on our products.


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