Spectra Group offers a number of fully formulated additive products to provide photoinitiated color change for a variety of applications. Further customization of the existing products for the needs of a particular application will be performed.



UV Floor Coating Additives

• A simple to use and definitive indicator to provide for certainty in floor surface exposure
• Several colors (blue, red) available for both 100% solids UV and waterbased UV floor coatings
NEW, Amine-FREE color change additive for both 100% solids and waterbased formulations (Red-to-clear)
• NEW Violet-to-ClearAmine-FREE color change additive for waterbased formulations 

Adhesive Cure Verification

• Both color formation and bleach

Unexposed (blue) and Exposed (bleached) to UVA light

Plastisol Screen Printed Inks

Three-dimensional Polymer

Before (red) and after (bleached) 10 min exposure to UV (UVA chamber)

Waterbased Dispersions

Before (red) and after (bleached) 10 min exposure to UV (UVA chamber)

White Colorant Dispersion-UV curable Ink

INkJet Printing 

Nanometer particle size dispersion with excellent stability (no settling or agglomeration). White color, particle size suitable for InkJet Printing. Dispersion in UV-curable monomer. Download the White Colorant Dispersion datasheet.

Color-On-Demand Irreversible FormulatedProducts

Product Type

Recommended Usage

Product Description

Color Change Scheme

Formulated Inks and Coatings

Screen Printing

Solvent Casting

Various In-Line Coaters (i.e. slot-die)

Pad Printing

Solvent Based Screen Printing Ink

S LOV IS Series

Forming, Bleaching, Changing

Reversible Photochromics

Solvent Based Inks for In-Line Coating

Forming, Bleaching, Changing

Reversible Photochromics

Plastisol (thermal fusion) Screen Printing Inks

IPL Series


Reversible Photochromics


Liquid Additives/Concentrates


Addition to solventbased systems

Base - acetone, MEK, propylene carbonate, diacetonealcohol, diglyme, N, N-dimethyl acrylamide (N,N-DMAA)

Forming, Bleaching

Reversible Photochromics


Addition to waterbased systems


Base - diacetonealcohol,

triethanolamine, water

Forming, Bleaching

Radiation Curable VOC-free systems (cationic and free radical)

Base - cycloaliphatic epoxy, various acrylate monomers, diacetone alcohol, propylene carbonate, N, N-dimethyl acrylamide (N,N-DMAA)

Forming, Bleaching

Reversible Photochromics

Download a complete SPECTRACOLOCatalog (PDF format) for more information on our products.


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