Analytical Services

Spectra's scientists utilize a wide variety of analytical services in their research & development activities. These include general spectroscopy and chromatography and can be offered on a consulting basis as well.


Spectroscopy and Chromatography

  • Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy, GC/MS (Shimadzu QP-2010 SE with DI probe)
  • Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, NMR spectroscopy (1H, 13C, 11B, 19F; Varian 200, 400 and 600 MHz; 600 MHz with a cryogenic probe)
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography, HPLC
  • Liquid Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy, LC/MS
  • UV Absorption spectroscopy (Varian Cary 50)
  • Fourier Transform IR Absorption, FT-IR spectroscopy (Shimadzu IRAffinity-1 with a Diamond Miracle ATR module)
  • Brookfield viscometers (DV-I+, CAP 2000+)
  • Differential Scanning Calorimetry, DSC and photo-DSC

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