Over the years Spectra Group Photopolymers has been involved in a number of developments for various photopolymerizable coatings. Research conducted in the mid 90s through US Navy SBIR program resulted in corrosion resistant visible light curable repair coatings for submarine ballast tanks. This patented technology won a Pioneering Technology Award at RadTech 1998 Conference and Exhibition. Spectra Group Photopolymers also has a number of off-the-shelf UV curable coatings for various plastics, metal, wood and over-print varnishes for graphic arts. If we do not have a product that matches your needs, we can Custom Formulate one for you. Simply contact us with your information and we will work on a tailored solution for your particular project.


UV/Visible Light Curable Coatings

Automotive UV/Sunlight Curable Body Repair Filler

  •  Automotive UV/sunlight curable Filler with good adhesion to metal: AP20-54


Sol-gel Treatment for Adhesion Promotion to Glass and Aluminum

  •  For best adhesion results on aluminum and glass proper substrate preparation and sol-gel treatment for adhesion promotion is recommended
 Download Technical Data Sheet for SGZ-187 sol-gel treatment



Primers/Tie-Coats for Plastics

  • UV-curable, primer/Tie-coat specially designed for treated Mylar polyester: SPC-1121



UV Curable Conformal Coating

  • UV Curable Conformal Coating for PET with Flame Retardant Properties: TRG-7
  • UV Curable Conformal Coating for PET: TRG-1


Protective Over-Print Varnish Topcoats

  • UV Curable Ultramatte Low Viscosity Coat: SPC-1177


UV Curable Sprayable Wood Coatings (variable gloss)

If your substrate is not listed here, or if you have questions or would like to request a sample of any of our products, please contact us. We would work with you under confidentiality to find a solution that will fit your needs. 


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