Protective overprint varnish (OPV) topcoats 

Protective overprint varnishes, used on magazine covers, or for some other printed graphics applications historically were some of the first UV/light curable products. Due to excellent abrasion, scratch and wear resistance of UV/light curable products they are also often used as protective topcoats.
Photocured low viscosity over coat varnishes are part of Spectra Group's product base.



At times it is difficult to regulate level of gloss in UV curable coatings. Unlike solvent or waterbased coatings, there is no volatile ingredient loss and, therefore, no matrix shrinkage which pushes gloss reducing ingredients to the top of the coating surface. As a result, in many instances UV matte coatings tend to be loaded with gloss reducing ingredients leading to viscosity increase, flow reduction and application difficulties.

Some of Spectra OPV products combine very low gloss levels with no viscosity penalty, allowing for them to be applied using regular roll or curtain coating equipment. SPC-1177 is a one part, acrylate based, low viscosity and low gloss ultramatte coating specially designed for plastic and paper substrates. 100% solids formulation (no VOC) fully cures when exposed to UV light. 

It is often the case that protective topcoats need to be made sprayable, which requires them to be very low viscosity. At the same time, they also need to control gloss level, providing multiple gloss level options. Such coatings can be used for fine finishing on various substrates. SPC-1191, 1192, 1193 are one part acrylate based, UV curable protective overcoats for wood and paper. With different gloss levels, these coatings also possess a very low viscosity, ideal for spray applications.


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