Miscellaneous Photopolymer Products

One of our most active areas of current work is Custom Product Development in the are of photocurable materials. If you or your customers need assistance in formulating a photopolymer resin, from concept to commercial sourcing and supply, Spectra Group is looking forward to becoming your partner. We will protect your confidentiality as well as we do it for others. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a custom solution for your problem, manufacture and sell such product directly to you.



Photocurable Formulations

The target of photopolymer work at Spectra Group is to provide customers with SPECIFIC CUSTOM FORMULATIONS, responding to the PROPERTY REQUIREMENT LIST provided at the outset of the project. The idea is to offer you a system: a fully formulated photoinitiated liquid resin AND a suggestion of what light source to use. This pre-polymer precursor will convert into a solid object with the desired set of properties after necessary light exposure is complete.

Some of the properties we were able to engineer for our customers are:

• Liquid photopolymer viscosity manipulation to meet the needs of the desired process (including ink-jet amenable viscosity at elevated temperatures)
• Tack improvement in cured solid
• Cured solid surface slip and tape release
• Solvent and fluid resistance
• Thermal degradation to meet desired targets
• Durometer manipulation, both low and high
• Minimization of dimensional changes upon solidification, i.e. cure accuracy
• Color options incorporation: transparency and clarity, desired color gamut, photochromic colors of both permanent and reversible variety


Some of our off-the-shelf photopolymer products include:


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