Light Castable Mounting Resin

Metallography embedment is the process of immersing an object into a liquid resin
with subsequent fixing of an object inside a solidifying photopolymer using light. This technique is often used in microscopy and the objects are often heat sensitive.
Spectra Group custom-made photopolymers enable the embedment process to proceed photochemically on the fast-turnaround basis and do not generate heat during solidification, preserving the heat sensitive nature of many materials subject to microscopy



Photopolymers for Metallography Embedment 

• For encapsulating brittle and/or heat sensitive specimens
• One component material – no mixing or catalyst addition is required
• Fast (minutes) curing after the photopolymer is activated by UV/visible light
• Clear fast curing thick layers independent of volume of mount, thermal mass of specimen, specimen material, ambient temperature or relative humidity
• High eventual Shore D hardness
• Low to moderate shrinkage
• Relatively low exotherms
• Can be made opaque with fillers, if necessary, which will reduce shrinkage
• Improved adhesion to metals due to adhesion promotion technology
• Mild odor
• Can be utilized for single or multiple layer casting

  Download Light Castable Mounting Resin G5 Datasheet


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