Spectra Group Synthetics

Spectra Group Limited, Inc. (www.sglinc.com) offers a large number of fine organic compounds with very high purity (≥98% at least). Under Spectra Group Synthetics LLC we offer both custom synthetic products and contract R&D. We maintain a fully modernized facility with instrumentation capabilities which allows us to perform large scale manufacturing on a fast turnaround basis. We can either provide you with the compounds already listed in our catalog, or develop custom synthetic materials and processes to fit your needs. Our scientists are able to carry state-of-the-art multistep syntheses 50 kg or larger at our facility in Ohio, USA.
Spectra Group offers competitive prices and we ship nearly 2,000 individual organic compounds all over the world.


Mission Statement of Spectra Group Synthetics:

  • Our scientist manufacture ALL of our products in our Millbury, Ohio facility. Our products are truly AMERICAN MADE!
  • We offer COMPETITIVE prices
  • Strive to be your fine chemical and organic synthesis partner
  • Offer both top quality chemical development services and chemical products at an affordable price
  • Maintain exceptional purity/quality
  • Deliver orders with no or short lead time 
  • Maintain a large inventory of synthetic product items
  • Provide WORLDWIDE shipping
  • Convert original small scale purchases into ongoing large scale long term supply
  • Make our product catalog available by posting on ChemCats Scifinder, ACD and other databases
  • Offer CUSTOM synthesis for products not currently on the list


For additional information or to order, please call us at (419) 837-9783 or
e-mail us at info@sglinc.com